Missouri Team E-Book (2003 - 2009) @ Virtual Basketball Coach Online Store
Missouri Team E-Book (2003 - 2009) @ Virtual Basketball Coach Online Store

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Scouting America's Top Basketball Programs has become one of the best selling basketball publications in America and quite possibly the only offensive resource you will ever need! Now you can go beyond the book and join our subscription website service today and take an up-to-date inside look at the X's and O's strategy of some of the best collegiate basketball programs in the country. Find out what every coach in the world would like to know... what are some of the best coaches in college basketball drawing up on their grease boards during time-outs and half-times? Sets and Systems Count in this E-Book: Early offense (7), Half court offense (1), Quick hitters (6), Set plays vs. man (10), OB under vs. man (6), OB Side-out (2), Zone offense (1), Set Plays vs. Zone (1), OB under vs. zone (2). 44 PAGES.

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