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FLEXible Dribble Drive Offense BOOK @ Virtual Basketball Coach Online Store

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"I have read your free improvement package (virtualbasketballcoach.com) and am impressed by how efficient the workout is. I have been working with my son Andy and his friend Travis. There is a lot of reinforcement to what I have been teaching and also some detailed ways to accomplish these. Thanks!" - Greg Stevenson


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This offense has some great options found in both the Dribble Drive Offense and the Flex Offense. All spots are interchangeable, so it really does not matter where you start your players. They will all get a chance at each spot with a few rotations of the ball.

If you have ever run the Flex Offense or a version of the Flex Offense - you will love the FLEXible Dribble Drive Continuity Offense. Great for ALL levels - Junior High and UP!

Sections included: Introduction; Early Offense; Basic Continuity; Back Door Option; Bounce Up / Bounce Back Options; Corner Pass Option; Dribble Drive Options; Defensive Transition; Back Door / Post Up Option and FIVE Breakdown Drills. 20 pages.

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