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Simplified Triangle Offense E-BOOK @ Virtual Basketball Coach Online Store

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"I received your free ebook ( and I want to tell you thank you very much. After a long lay off from coaching, I recently just got involved into competitive coaching again. Let me tell you, I forgot quite a bit, but with your help my competitive juices have begun to reach a boiling point. I'm looking forward to using your drills and philosophies this summer and beyond." - Jim Farrell


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If you enjoyed the spacing, ball movement and post / pinch post scoring options of the Triangle Offense, you will absolutely love my latest book, Simplified Triangle Offense. This proven system has been modified and simplified to be implemented successfully at all levels, from Junior High to the Collegiate Levels. Sections include: Introduction, Basic Continuity / Entry Options, Pressure Releases, Low Post Entry Options, Pinch Post Entry Options, High Post Elbow Entry Options and Practice Implementation / Breakdown Drills. In addition to (6) competitive and repetitive breakdown drills to teach the complete offense, I have also included a 14-day practice plan implementation of the offense. Instant access ebook (56 pages in pdf file)

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