Playname : Ball Handling (2)

Pairs Shuffle Drill (passing on the move)
Have all the pair partners line up on one end-line. Each pair has a ball. The players are about 12 - 15 feet apart. The first pair starts, shuffling the full length of the floor in a straight line and back again, making accurate chest passes back and forth the entire way, with no traveling or dribbling.

Pairs Full-Court Dribble-Pass Drill
(See diagram A) Two lines on one end of the court as shown below in diagram A, with the left line players each having a ball. The first player (player A) in left line speed dribbles up to the three-point line and passes to player B sprinting up the side line, who catches the ball, speed dribbles to the half-court line and passes back to player A. Player A then dribbles to the top of the circle, passes back to player B cutting to the hoop for the lay-up. Player A gets the rebound and drill repeats going back up the opposite sideline. The second players in line start off once the previous twosome has reached half court. You can vary this by requiring a jump stop before each pass and after each reception.

Pairs Passing, Find the Receiver
(Diagram B above) Often I see kids make a bad pass because they actually threw the ball before first locating their receiver (especially against a full-court press). Kids must learn to look before they pass! With this drill, the passer must first find the receiver before making the pass. Refer to diagram B above. Use both baskets. Have a line under each basket. The first player in line (player #1) speed dribbles out to the three-point line, make a jump stop and a reverse pivot. Meanwhile, the next player in line (player #2) sprints out to either corner (mix it up so the passer has to look to find her). The passer makes the crisp chest pass to #2, cuts to the hoop, receives the pass back from #2, and finishes the lay-up. #2 rebounds, and now becomes player #1 and dribbles out and repeats the drill.

Drills courtesy of www.coachesclipboard.net