Playname : Shooting (1)

3 Man 2 Ball Shooting Drill
Coach's Clipboard, http://www.coachesclipboard.net

Have three players and two balls at a basket. Use the side baskets too. Each group has a shooter, rebounder, and passer.
Players should shoot from areas where they usually shoot from in a game.

Wing-to-Wing Motion: (Diagram A)
The shooter starts at the right wing with a ball, the passer at the free-throw line with another ball, and the rebounder in the center of the lane. The shooter shoots then sprints to the opposite wing, spots-up, and shoots again. He/she keeps repeating this, going wing-to-wing without dribbling. The rebounder rebounds each shot, passes to the passer, who passes to the shooter. Run this for 1 minute. Then change roles, with each player taking a turn at each of the three positions.

Important Points:
Make sure the shooter is squared up each time and stationary, not moving sideways.
Avoid dribbling. Make crisp, sharp passes. No dogging it -- sprint. You can make a competitive game out of this drill by keeping score.

Baseline to Free Throw Circle Motion: (Diagram B)
The shooter moves back and forth from the baseline to the free throw circle.

Corner-to-Corner Motion: (Diagram C)
The shooter moves from corner to corner.

For a variation, have the shooter fake the shot. Have the defender "fly" at the shooter, and then the shooter dribble adjusts and shoots the jumper.

Drills courtesy of www.coachesclipboard.net